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Only Malawi is home to diverse tourism attractions ranging from scenery to the giant Lake Malawi, the third largest lake in Africa, and the ninth largest in the world. There is no other country in Africa that has its geography so sculptured and determined by the Great Rift Valley as Malawi.
Located in the heart of central Southern Africa, and commonly referred to as “The Warm Heart of Africa”, Malawi offers something special to everyone on your vacation. The Warm Heart of Africa is beating faster now and the legendary welcome is there for all who wish to experience the unrivalled combination of Lake, Landscape, Wildlife & Culture in one of Africa's most beautiful and compact countries. - This is truly Africa in its unspoilt state.

People and Culture
People of Malawi are renowned for their friendliness and warmth making Malawi one of the safest destinations in Africa suitable for families with young children, single people and couples. 
Malawi known for its friendly & peace loving people, hence undisputably called the Warm Heart of Africa

Diverse culture: shares its cultural heritage with four countries - South Africa: (Nguni), Zambia (Chewa, Tonga, Tumbuka, Ngoni), Mozambique (Sena, Yao and Lomwe), Tanzania (Yao).

  • Cultural museums (Mua Mission in the central region, and Karonga in the North. Cultural villages include the (Mpale (Yao) in Mangochi and Tisunge lower shire heritage centre for the Mang’anja in Lengwe National park, Luwawa Cultural village in Mzimba.
  • Unique traditional foods: The tasty Chambo (tilapia), aromatic Malawi rice, and Nsima(Pap)
  • A Myriad of Myths: The famous Rock of shadow (mwala wa mnthunzi) and the Mulanje mountain spirits.

For an eclectic scene make sure you browse the rural and city markets, the largest of which is in the capital city of Lilongwe. With none of the aggressive stall-holders or exploitation found in countries overrun with tourists, the markets in Malawi are welcoming to visitors. They are also great places to people-watch and take in the rich colours and crafts of the country. You can pick up some superb wooden carvings such as intricate chief's chairs and colourful paintings of local scenes at incredibly cheap prices.

Bird watching
Malawi has a remarkable number of birds with over 650 species recorded so far, out of 900 found in the whole of Africa. This is as a result of the great contrast in the landscape of the country.
Most species breed in Malawi but some migrate from Europe and Asia to spend the rainy season in the country. Over 10% of bird species that occur in Malawi do not occur in southern Africa. This is so because Malawi is the link of Southern Africa to East Africa and hence has bird species both regions.

Rare birds such as African skimmer; racquet – tailed roller, wattled crane, Boehm’s bee-eater and green-headed oriole are easily seen.

How to get there

There are daily two hour flights from OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to Malawi operated by South African airways and Malawian Airlines.
You can also drive via Harare in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

A vaccination certificate is required for yellow fever, but only if the visitor is arriving from any country where the disease is endemic.
Check on anti-malarial medication well in advance of travel to Malawi
For up to date advice it is recommended to consult a Doctor well in advance of travel to Malawi.


The Consulate General is open Mondays to Fridays
Monday 9.00a.m. to 1.00p.m
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Wednesday Closed for out-of-duty station assignments
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The Malawi Consulate General is closed on both
South African and Malawian public holidays.


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