CONSULAR CLINICS: Gaborone Botswana 28th August 2021 9:30am Maam Stellar on top of Debonairs, Main Mall, Gaborone-----Durban 4th September 2021 Denis Hurley Centre, 2 Cathedral Road, Durban, Diagonally opposite IPCI Building, next to Grey Street Mosque.

Identification document

Requirements of issuance of identification document to human remains of Malawian origin whose passport is missing

  1. Birth certificate of the deceased and/ or contact details of relations to the deceased in Malawi.
  2. Present residential address of the reporting agent
  3. Police affidavit
  4. Certified copy of ID /Malawi passport of the reporting agent/Details of the Next of Kin.
  5. Consignee details; Full name, Address and Phone numbers.
  6. Physical Home address of the deceased; village, Traditional Authority and District.
  7. Date, Place with full address and cause of death
  8. Full particulars including physical address of Mortuary where the human remains are kept



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The Malawi Consulate General is closed on both
South African and Malawian public holidays.


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